Did a short trip to Barcelona. Here are some pictures from there.


There were very very long queues at every museum or church I wanted to visit. Even the bus was crowded that day. This is from inside the souvenir shop of one of the Gaudí (he is a catalan architect) houses, just to get look at what all those people are waiting for. Bonus: A faint selfie.

There were some festivals going on in the streets and every one of them had a little playground for kids.

I really enjoy strolling through markets

You can see old and young people on skateboards here. This seems to be a means of transport in this city.

Did a little ride with the metro.

Can I have a donut please?

Streets seem to be very different at night. Different people, different athmosphere.

Photographing me, photographing you.

As you can guess, the last four pictures are from the airport. Nearly missed the plane, because of these.

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